We’re Moving from the Tavern Downtown — Next Door to the Cowboy Lounge

We’re moving again, but it’s not far! With the Raiders no longer occupying the Cowboy Lounge next door to our Tavern Downtown location, we will be moving into there. It’s still the same ownership and the same menus you’re used to — but we’ll just have more of our own private space than before. That way, we all get to interact a bit more, there’ll be no sound issues, etc.

See you at the Cowboy Lounge!

We have an awesome new logo

Our logo is finally done! It’s been quite a process on our side — involving lots of time, work, and arguing. We’re all very happy with the results though, and would like to thank everyone who contributed their time and effort to make this possible — especially Thomas Hutton, a coworker of mine at Faction…

Our site is now live

After much hard work in the last couple of weeks, our site is finally up and running! We hope it gives everyone an easier way to connect with us and helps grow the awesome community we’ve created in Denver. Let us know if you have any feedback or would like to see something else on…